Increase sales force productivity by more than 21%

that's the equivalent of an extra sales person in a team of five.

We also know that the top 25% of sales people (by the number of sales visits made) make twice as many calls as the bottom 25%. Unsurprisingly, when the bottom 25% are shown their performance data, 80% make an improvement.


Providing accurate and real time reports

It takes around 60 seconds to compile and send a report.

Our goal is to make field sales teams smarter in how they spend their time by collecting and displaying their sales visit data in real time in a simple way which you can respond to instantly.


Unlock the potential of any existing CRM

We've proved that we can help increase sales activity.

You may think that's a bold claim, however the i-snapshot system already holds nearly 10 million sales visit records. This means that we have an unparalleled insight into the sales activity of many types of organisations just like yours and we know that, without exception, there is a lift in sales activity when the i-snapshot app is introduced.

  i-snapshot is so simple to use that there's no excuse not to use it.  

  For each sales person that's 5 extra sales calls a week or, put another way, over 200 extra sales calls a year!   

  This data is so good it will stop you in your tracks!  

Discover now.

Whatever your platform

i-snapshot is a world leading sales management system which allows quick and easy data capture from the field from any phone on any network, and offers a multi-platform app for ease of use and accuracy. The app is designed be data light so can operate even with limited band width, and can also still be used in 'off line' mode with no signal. i-snapshot currently offers an app for; Apple iOS devices, Android, BlackBerry and Windows, for specific model data please contact us directly.